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Jennifer Helms, Receptionist

Jennifer is from Albemarle, NC and a West Stanly High School graduate. She is a long-term member of our team and became our receptionist in March of 1988.

Jennifer enjoys helping our clients over the phone and as they walk in the door, as well as seeing all the animals that come through the door. She is a wonderful source of information and helps ensure order in our day-to-day.

Jennifer has one dog, Lola, and enjoys watching movies and traveling in her free time. 

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Shonda Calloway, Head Technician

Shonda was born and raised in Stanly County and a graduate of North Stanly High School. She has been a valued member of our team since March of 1998. Shonda helps maintain order within Albemarle Animal clinic as a surgical and room technician and practice manager of sorts. 

Her love of animals is why she chose to do what she does and states that her favorite of the job are dental and puppies!

Shonda is married to her husband Robert and has one daughter named Kinsley. She has four dogs and one cat and enjoys spending time at the lake or going to the beach with her friends. In her spare time she can be found spending time at the lake and the beach with family and friends.


Jamie Bunting, Technician

Jamie is from Albemarle, NC and a graduate of North Stanly High School. She joined Albemarle Animal Clinic in September of 2007 and has become a valuable hard-working technician.

Jamie chose this profession because of her love of working with animals and says her favorite part of coming to work every day is her work as a Veterinary Technician.

Jamie is married to her husband Landon and they have quite a few animals on their farm including: 6 dogs, 2 cats, 7 goats, 3 horses, and cattle. In her free time, Jamie enjoys hunting, cooking, and spending time outside.

Felipe Avila, Kennel Manager

Felipe is Freddie and Eric’s dad and is originally from Mexico. He is quite the handyman and is our kennel manager. He helps keep our clinic running smoothly and ensuring our patients are taken care of while they stay with us. 

In his free time Felipe enjoys spending time with his family and playing soccer.

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Freddie Avila, Technician

Freddie is the twin brother of Eric (don’t worry some of us have a hard time telling them apart also). He also attended West Stanly High School and Stanly Community College. He joined Albemarle Animal Clinic in 2006 with his brother and is also a valued technician.

Freddie has two dogs and enjoys photography, movies, attending car shows, and playing soccer in his free time.

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Eric Avila, Technician

Eric is from Lagrange, NC and a graduate of West Stanly High School and Stanly Community College. Eric joined us in 2006 and has become a reliable and hard-working veterinary technician. He really enjoys working with all patients and connecting with clients. 

Eric has two dogs and enjoys working on photography, watching movies, and attending car shows in his free time.

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Rachel Huffstetler


Rachel is from Stanfield and graduated from West Stanly High School in 201. Her love of animals brought her to being part of the West Stanly team in September of 2016.

The favorite part of Rachel's job is having the opportunity to ensure her patient's health during and after surgery, as well as helping clients establish great dental care for their pets.

Rachel has an American Bulldog named Buddy, a long-haired Chihuahua named Cotton. She enjoys going on trips to the mountains with her fiance and dogs.

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Elizabeth Stancil


Elizabeth was born and raised in God's Country down below Stanfield, graduating from West Stanly High School in 2011. Elizabeth joined the West Stanly family in October 2016 and loves the social environment that her position provides as she gets to meet new clients and patients every day. Not only are meeting new clients a favorite part of her job, but she also loves doing paperwork and answering the phones.

Her favorite thing at the end of the day is coming home to her Australian Shepherd Kylie who is her pride and joy.

Elizabeth has a younger brother who is about to make her an aunt for the first time, which is very excited about! In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling when she can, singing and spending time with her family.

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Jessica O'Reilly

Jessica grew up in Stanfield and graduated from West Stanly High School (where she met several of her co-workers), eventually moving to Albemarle. She joined the West Stanly team in 2017 and has enjoyed being one of our friendly receptionists.

While Jessica loves being able to work with clients and their pets, she truly enjoys establishing bonds with all clients and having the ability to help educate them.

Jessica lives with her boyfriend,  4 dogs, 4 chickens, 2 snakes, 5 fish, a hedgehog, a bearded dragon, and a chameleon. In her spare time, she enjoys bargain shopping and caring for reptiles.

Darla Rummage


Darla grew up in Florida and moved to Marhsville a few years ago before joining the West Stanly team. 

Her role as a Veterinary Technician chose her as she started working in kennels where her love for helping animals grew and 10 years later she still loves what she does. Darla's passion lives not only in helping animals but educating pet owners as well.

Darla has always had a love for animals and fills her home with 2 cats, a dog, a chameleon, sugar glider, ferret, a pig, some chickens, and a horse. Her hobbies include horses, hunting, gardening, and crafts. She also loves learning and keeping updated on new technologies in veterinarian medicine.